Hi everyone! We are Stephanie and Cameron Estep. We live in you guessed it, Winona Lake, Indiana. That beautiful gal on the right - that's Stephanie (my awesome wife). I'm there on the left.

Stephanie is a French and English teacher by day, right-hand coffee roaster aid by night. Me...I’m a nerd. I am a software implementation consultant by day and a coffee roaster/marketer/web developer/inventory manager/graphic designer by night (and sometimes day). Assisting us with cuddles is Leó - our 1 year old Bichon/Shi Tzu mix.

When we are not roasting coffee and shipping orders, you may find us watching some of our favorite t.v. shows: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Sherlock, White Collar, and The Great British Baking Show (guess whose favorite that one is). I personally find that gardening and oil painting also help me digress from the analytical mindset prevalent in the everyday of a software consultant. When Stephanie needs a break from grading papers, it's onto the next baking endeavor whether it's bread, cakes, or bagels. YUM!

We started Winona Roasting with one main idea: connect people to the beauty of coffee. I got into specialty coffee back into college and it kind of snowballed from there. We found that other people would come over for coffee and be bewildered at the fact that there was a coffee BAR, let alone understand why I was grinding beans beforehand, pulling out a scale, measuring water temp, and ensuring the coffee:water ratio was precisely 1:16 - it's all in pursuit of the perfect cup (at one point I actually made my own water - I told you I’m a nerd). What we also found is that people didn't know this experience could be brought into the home. They thought this way of brewing was reserved for a coffee shop where they would pay $4-5 for a single cup. So, we started Winona Roasting Company to introduce people to the beauty that coffee can be and to defy the status quo of the classical coffee experience - the mundane that it is for the average coffee drinker. We want to bring that cafe experience into your home. Won't you join us?