The Start of Winona Roasting Company

Connecting people to the beauty of coffee - this is the principle and vision that Winona Roasting Company is founded on. We aim to defy the status quo of the classical coffee experience. Our hope, is that your choice of Winona Roasting Company will allow you to experience origin, nuance, and beauty in your cup, at a reasonable price.

Currently, Winona Roasting Company is a small family roaster located in - you guessed it - Winona Lake, Indiana. Living here, we noticed how beautiful the sunsets were over the lake and just how mesmerizing it all was. At the same time, we would sip and enjoy our "cuppa' joe" each morning delighting in our hints of citrus, various nuances and beauty in each cup. Thus, the vision was born to share the beauty of coffee so that others too could experience a cup that transcends the traditional super-market blend.

At Winona Roasting Company, we guarantee you freshly roasted coffee that you will enjoy - shipped right to your door; no more standing in the isle overwhelmed with numerous choices that you do not understand. Our aim is to make great coffee accessible to those who just want a great tasting cup of coffee - experience origin, nuance, and beauty and shop Winona Roasting Company today.

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Vy Vu

I would love to learn more about this adventure!

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