The Beauty of Coffee

Throughout my experiences with coffee, I have had many talks with people of all ages: some old, some young, some students, some professionals, and one thing I have learned is that there is something very special about this simple beverage you and I drink almost every single morning - coffee. About a billion people in the world drink coffee every single day; meaning, your morning shares something with someone from Africa, Indonesia, South America or Central America. People come to coffee for all sorts of reasons, maybe they like the environment of a coffee shop, the caffeine kick it gives them to knock out a paper that is due, or the conversations they had over the cup of coffee - but rarely is it because they loved that very first cup of coffee that they had. Most people, don't really like coffee right away because they had a spectacular cup of coffee, but rather the cream and sugar that they add. I mean, who would like coffee just black by itself first try?

I remember when I was growing up I would go camping with my grandparents and I would get up early when the sun was still breaking the horizon, and there my grandfather would sit by the river's edge with his cup of coffee in hand. I remember admiring him and wishing I could be like him when I got older. The truth is, people do come to coffee for a variety of reasons, but I think along the way we have made a mistake - we have focused to much on the communal aspect (which by all means is wonderful), and not so much the coffee itself. Coffee is seen as something mundane - it's all the same thing at the grocery store and every morning we push the same button and use the same pods. But coffee is anything but mundane, and thus Winona Roasting Company was created to educate friends, family, anyone about the reality of what coffee can be. Coffee can have nuance that transcends the status quo, it can have different origins, and coffee...can have beauty. Our taster packs are designed to hi-light origin and roast so you can experience coffee's beauty.

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